Defend Claptrap

"Defend Claptrap" is an objective in the Story Mission The Talon of God in Borderlands 2


Claptrap will lead you from the meeting place over to the doorway leading to Hero's Pass. He will go over to the door and attempt to get it to open.

The first wave of loaders is simple: GUN Loaders mostly. Take them on out. This doesn't go according to plan as the secondary door is closed and Loaders are called in.

The second wave of loaders start with EXP Loaders right by Claptrap. Move away and take them out. They are followed by HOT Loaders and more GUN Loaders. The second wave ends with Claptrap activating more Door defenses: the Door Turrets.

The third wave begins after the Turrets are in place. This wave has both GUN and WAR Loaders coming at you. Claptrap will manage to override the door turrets around now so just keep ignoring them.

The fourth wave starts when Claptrap begins to override the doors. This wave has HOT and Badass Loaders in it so be careful. There are also a few Surveyors that pop in for this round.

The reinforcements will run out at this point and Claptrap will get the door open. He is greeted by the sight of numerous stairs in front of him.

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