Borderlands 2: Dwarven Allies

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Roland starts you off on the quest "Dwarven Allies"

"Dwarven Allies" is the third mission from Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC in Borderlands 2


[edit] Mission Type

Story Mission (DLC4)

[edit] Prerequisites

Complete Denial, Anger, Initiative

[edit] How to start

Speak to Roland

[edit] Objectives

Head to Dwarven Mines

Find Dwarf King

Kill sadistic orc invaders 0/10

Talk to Ragnar

Punch Ragnar

Find mine exit

Talk to wizard (with words)

Ask wizard about door magic

Find letters (0/4)

Cross treacherous chasm

Solve ancient dwarven puzzle

Punch ancient dwarven puzzle

Find Greedtooth

Kill Greedtooth

Free Greedtooth from his curse

Place Runes (0/4)

Speak Passphrase aloud

Place Runes (0/4)

Speak "Fart" and exit

[edit] Mission Briefing

If you're looking for the queen, the Sorcerer's got her. You'll need to cut through the Dwarven Slave Mines to reach his tower.

[edit] Mission Debriefing

Though the Vault Hunters ended up inadvertently killing most of their intended allies, the Mines of Avarice nonetheless proved fruitful. After a bit of violence and some crass humor, they found themselves closer than ever to the Handsome Sorcerer's tower and the queen trapped inside it.

[edit] Rewards

Money and XP

[edit] Previous Mission

Denial, Anger, Initiative

[edit] Next Mission

A Game of Games

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