Borderlands 2: Dynamic Logan's Gun

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Dynamic Logan's Gun is a legendary pistol drop from Wilhelm in End of the Line in Borderlands 2

Dynamic Logan's Gun is an orange Pistol in Borderlands 2

It drops from Wilhelm in End of the Line zone.

Stats for sample level 50 Dynamic Logan's Gun below. You could get a different lvl Logans Gun based on your level, and you can get one with a different prefix such as Redundant Logan's Gun or Maximized Logan's Gun

[edit] Main Attributes

Rarity: Orange (Legendary)

Type: Pistol

Level Requirement: Variable

Manufacturer: Hyperion

Value: $142,662

[edit] Status Effects and Other Bonuses

"Gun, Gunner!" (red text effect)

-30% Weapon Accuracy

-10% Weapon Recoil Reduction

Consumes 2 ammo per shot

Highly Effective Vs Flesh

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