Electrified Little Evie is a rare pistol in Borderlands 2

Electrified Little Evie is a blue unique Pistol in Borderlands 2

(Requires: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC). After killing Mr. Bubbles, talk to Lil' sis instead of killing her.

Stats for sample level 50 Little Evie below. You could get a different Little Evie Pistol based on your level, and a different variant such as Evisceration Little Evie, or Binary Little Evie

Main Attributes[edit]

Rarity: Blue (Rare)

Type: Pistol

Level Requirement: 50

Manufacturer: Maliwan

Value: $17,602

Weapon Stats[edit]

Damage: 9466

Accuracy: 92.0

Fire Rate: 3.2

Reload Speed: 2.1

Magazine Size: 16

Electrocute Dmg/Sec: 4327.1

Chance to Shock: 19.2%

Status Effects and Other Bonuses[edit]

"Shock and awwwww! So cute!" (red text effect)

High Elemental Effect Chance

Consumes 2 ammor per shot

Deal bonus elemental damage

Highly Effective Vs Shields