Borderlands 2: Ell In Shining Armor

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Ell in Shining Armor

"Ell in Shining Armor" is the side quest from Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC in Borderlands 2


[edit] Mission Type

Side Mission (DLC4) (Optional Mission). This will change who Ellie looks inside Flamerock Refuge.

If you give her the Bulky Armor:


If you give her the Metal Bikini:


[edit] Start location

Flamerock Refuge

[edit] How to start

Speak to Ellie after completing A Role-Playing Game

[edit] Locations

Flamerock Refuge

The Forest of Being Eaten Alive by Trees

Old Glenn the Blacksmith's Cottage

[edit] Objectives

Find armor

Knock armor from tree

Find less atrociously sexist armor

Pick up metal bikini


Pick up bulky armor

TURN IN: Ellie

[edit] Rewards

Money, XP and:

For giving her the Bikini: Blue Grenade Mod

For giving her the Bulky Armor: Blue Shield

[edit] Mission Briefing

The best defense

[edit] Mission Debriefing

Sticks and stones may break her bones, but orcs will never hurt her.

[edit] Dialogue

Ellie: "I got a problem -- I'm supposed to be guardin' this here town, but I ain't got any armor. Could you head to the forest and find me somethin' that'll protect all this beautiful girth?"

Approaching the Cottage:

Ellie: "This here's where the milita used to forge their armor, before the Sorcerer turned 'em all into skeletons. They oughtta have something in my size right here."

Killing the nearby treant:

Ellie: "Damn. Looks like somebody hid the armor up in that there tree. Might wanna give the tree a lil' love tap so it'll drop the goods."

After picking up the armor from the ground:

Ellie: "That ain't armor. Have you seen me? That little scrap wouldn't cover half a tit. 'Sides, it ain't like the bad guys are only gonna aim for my saucy bits. Find me somethin' with some more heft to it."

Finding the Plate Armor:

Ellie: "Now THAT'S what we're talkin' about. Bulky, protective, and one hunnert percent bad-ass."

Tina: "You gotta choice, my hos. Do you bring Ellie the bulky armor, or do you grab the more boobilicious metal bikini for her?"

Approaching to Ellie with the Armor:

Ellie: "Give it here babe."

Grabbing the Bulky Armor:

Ellie: "That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Bring that hot stuff back here. I'm gonna look so damn cool --"

After donning the armor:

Ellie: "Feminism, baby! Woo woo!"

Grabbing the Metal Bikini:

Ellie: "You wanted the skimpy suit, huh? I guess I could make an eyepatch out of it, or .. or somethin'."

After donning the armor:

Ellie: "This ain['t gonna protect me for balls, but ... feel pretty hot right now. Ain't gonna lie."

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