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A Frostburn Canyon Farming Route in Borderlands 2

The following routes are recommended in Borderlands 2 for maximum farming loot yield:

(Note: Credits go to a post from Zenen in Reddit)


[edit] The Fridge

[edit] Farming Route

Laney-->Smash-Head-->Rakk-Man-->Jump From Chest Cliff -->check for fuse boxes-->Chest behind electric wall-->Stalker Hollow

[edit] Nets

3 Boss kills, (chance for Gunerang, Sledge's Shotgun, Gub) 4 Red Dahl Chests, a few Green Dahl Chests

[edit] Arid Nexus-Badlands

[edit] Farming Route

Bonehead 2.0-->White Chest in bonehead area-->Chest in Saturn area-->Saturn -->Badass Constructor-->hit fuse box to the right-->Third floor of info stockade-->fourth floor-->down to Dr. Zed's house-->claptrap chest across the town


[edit] Map


[edit] Nets

2 Bosses, 1 White Chest, 3 Red Chests, 1 Hyperion Red Chest, 2 Hyperion Yellow Chests.

[edit] Arid Nexus - Boneyard

[edit] Farming Route

Enter this area from Badlands (i.e. travel to Badlands and enter the doorway behind you). Go forward to the left into a hole in the ground with a ladder. Go through the tube, get a red chest. Exit, continue.

[edit] Nets

1 Red Chest

[edit] Bloodshot Ramparts(The_Megapode)

[edit] Farming Route

Run to W4R-D3N-->Activate save point before battle-->Kill W4R-D3N-->Sacrifice AFK co-op partner(Optional)-->Chest-->save&quit-->repeat from save point

[edit] Nets

1 Boss, 1 Red Car Chest, 1 Sacrifice

[edit] The Dust

[edit] Farming Route

Spawn at Elie's-->run past spiderants behind garage-->The Black Queen(Sometimes)-->chest at end of bug gulch-->create God-liath with spiderants(optional)-->Gettle-->Mobley-->Green chest left of church-->CATCH A RIIIIDE-->Mcnally's chest-->Lynchwood train station-->Zaford/Hodunk-->chest under platform ---> Use cliff to left to launch onto volleyball area ---> Red Dahl Chest to left of net.

[edit] Nets

3-4 Bosses+God-liath(optional), 4 Green Dahl Chests, 1 Red Dahl Chest

[edit] Frostburn Canyon

[edit] Farming Route

See Map:


[edit] Nets

Red Chest, White Chest, Hellfire, Negogenator, Pyrophobia

[edit] The Dust






Hammer Buster

Slagga or Maggie

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