Gas Guzzlers is a side mission in Campaign of Carnage. Will you give the Gas Sacs to Scooter or Hammerlock?

Gas Guzzlers is a side quest in the Mister Torgue's Campaign of Carnage DLC in Borderlands 2

It starts at the Crater Bounty Board when Sir Hammerlock tells you of a new species of Rakk in the Badass Crater of Badassitude and asks that you go find these creatures.


Sir Hammerlock



Badass Crater of Badassitude

Southern Raceway

Badass Crater Bar


Kill Gas Guzzling Rakk 0/10

Pick Up Gas Sacs 0/10

Turn in Sir Hammerlock


Turn in Scooter


Beware the flaming Rakk

Sir Hammerlock has heard about a group of mutated rakk out in Southern Raceway. He's asked you to find them so that he may study them.

You've collected enough oil sacs, but now you have a decision to make: will you give the Gas Sacs to Scooter, or Hammerlock?

You found the rakk and discovered that they drop unique Gas Sacs. Hammerlock has asked you to retrieve them for him. Scooter meanwhile is skeptical that Hammerlock's interest in studying the creatures is completely on the level.




Rare Blue Assault Rifle - Thick Rifle (Hammerlock)


Rare Blue Shotgun - Love Pounder (Scooter)


Gas-Guzzling Rakk

Slagged Rakk

Chubby Rakk

Mission Briefing[edit]

Sir Hammerlock: What ho! It's your old chum, Sir Hammerlock with a quest for you. There appears to be a new species of rrrakk somewhere in the amusingly named Badass Crater of Badassitude. Go find these creatures, would you?

Mission Debriefing[edit]

You successfully delivered the Gas Sacs, and mildly irritated one of your friends from the Sanctuary!

Gas Guzzlers Walkthrough[edit]

Go to the Southern Raceway and shoot the Rakks there collecting the Gas Sacs they drop.

Turn in Gas Guzzlers to Sir Hammerlock or Scooter?[edit]

You have two options:

Give Oil Bags to Scooter located inside the Badass Crater Bar

Give Oil Bags to Sir Hammerlock located inside the Badass Crater Bar

If you give the oil sacs to scooter, you get a blue shotgun ("Three Way Hulk", "Straight Ravager"). If you turn in the oil sacs to sir hammerlock, you get a blue assault rifle ("Thick Rifle").So if you like shotguns more then turn in mission to scooter, and if you like an assault rifle more then turn in mission to hammerlock.

Here are sample stats for the level 50 rifle you get from Hammerlock: