How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

Release Date[edit]

US - December 17, 2013


Steam/PS3/Xbox 360: $0.00

Microsoft Points: 240


This holiday themed DLC "Headhunter" pack is the third Headhunter pack that will be released.

New Content[edit]

This add-on pack contains a single, medium environment.

Marcus has a a shipment of guns bound for Gingerton go missing just before Mercenary Day. He sends the Vault Hunter through his magical Wardrobe to Frost Bottom to investigate this occurrence.

New Zones[edit]

Marcus's Mercenary Shop


Get Frosty

Special Delivery


Tinder Snowflake

His Abominableness Sir Tinder Snowflake, Esquire

New Heads & Skins[edit]

Mercenary Day Heads and Skins

New NPCs[edit]

Smaller-than-average Timothy

Singing Psycho

New Enemies[edit]

Snow Bandit


Psycho Snow Midget


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