Fulfill the Hyperion Contract #873 to get a rare talking weapon such as this Thermogenic Morningstar, in Borderlands 2

Hyperion Contract #873 is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Quest Giver[edit]

Overlook Bounty Board


The Once and Future Slab


The Highlands

Three Horns Divide



Kill Bandits 0/100

OPTIONAL: Kill bandits with fire 0/25

OPTIONAL: Kill bandits with corrosion 0/25

OPTIONAL: Kill bandits with shock 0/25

OPTIONAL: Kill bandits with explosive 0/25

Turn in: Overlook Bounty Board


The Hyperion Corporation has a job for you

Kill bandits for the Hyperion Corporation

Level 24

Side Mission

Optional Mission


$683 * (Bonus Objectives Completed)

5319 XP

Rare (Blue) Sniper Rifle: A Talking Gun such as a Thermogenic Morningstar or a Operational Morningstar.



Progress Updates and Quotes[edit]

"The Hyperion Corporation wishes to extend an olive branch, murderer. Should you considerably lower this world's bandit populations, Hyperion is willing to reward you with a unique gun crafted just for you."

"Congratulations, you have fulfilled Hyperion's contract, and have earned the right to a unique weapon. Please return for your reward".

Mission Briefing[edit]

The Hyperion Corporation is offering you a unique gun if you kill the requisite number of bandits for them. Though you would be wise not to trust Hyperion, a reward is a reward, and a dead bandit is a dead bandit.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Enjoy your new weapon, manufactured by Hyperion! Seriously, try it out.

"Enjoy the Hyperion XKCD experimental weapon, custom designed for a murderer like yourself."


Just go to any place where there are bandits and kill them. Lynchwood is a good place to start.

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

To save time, you can do this mission at the same time as other missions in which you run into bandits, such as the Animal Rescue Missions, Breaking the Bank, or the Hyperion Slaughter Missions.

Completing the optional objectives is not mandatory, but will give you a higher cash reward

Once you've killed 100 bandits the optional objectives that have not been completed will fail.

Use only elemental weapons. If you kill even one Bandit with a non-elemental weapon, you won't be able to complete all the four optional objectives.

Watch the progress for the various elemental objectives. As soon as you have killed 25 bandits with one element, do not use that weapon anymore or you will not be able to complete the other optional objectives.

Avoid areas with suicide-bandits, as they will count to the final objective, but not any of the bonuses if they set off their bombs.

It's very had to complete all four, two-three optional objectives is pretty good.