The Mission "I Like My Monsters Rare" in Sir Hammerlock's DLC requires you to go and hunt rare versions of the new monsters on Aegrus

I Like My Monsters Rare is a mission from Sir Hammerlock's Game Hunt DLC in Borderlands 2


In this mission you will have to find and hunt rare versions of monsters such as Drifters, Spore, Scaylions and Boroks

Mission Type[edit]

Hunting Mission

Starting NPC[edit]

Sir Hammerlock


Kill pink boroks 0/8

Kill tailless scaylions 0/8

two-legged drifters 0/6

albino skags 0/5

Kill slagged spores 0/4


The hunt is on!


Info needed


Pink Boroks

tailless scaylions

two-legged drifters

albino skags

slagged spores


You need to kill the specific variant of the enemy as listed in the mission objectives.

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