Kill Hyperion with Critical Hits

"Kill Hyperion with Critical Hits" is an optional objective in the sidequest Hyperion Slaughter: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5 in Borderlands 2


Round 1

The easiest, overall, to hit the target number of 10 Critical Hits. Loaders you can score Criticals by hitting their joints and the red eye in their chassis. You just need to kill 10 of them with Critical Hits before the waves are through. The Engineers are very vulnerable to headshots for a quick critical kill. The second wave is the easiest to get all of them.

Round 2

The goal is to hit the target number of 15 Critical Hits. Just after the initial rush of EXP Loaders, you will be attacked from the South by Engineers. This is the best time to build up the initial round of Critical Kills. After that your remaining foes are largely Loaders. Humans will not show up again until the final wave. It is not too hard to get the remaining Critical Kills in the interim waves or on this final one.

Round 3

Now things are really getting hard: 20 Critical Kills. The first wave is completely Loaders. Still, a good Corrosive Sniper can go a long way here. The same can be said for the second wave as well. Virtually all your foes are machines, calling for a lot of precise shots. This means a lot of un-scoped quick shots to quickly take down these foes hitting the critical areas.

Round 4

If you have trouble last round, things are not any easier here. The target: 25 Critical Kills. You see some humans but you are going mostly against Loaders. This is getting those Critical Kills on the run. Most of your kills need to be through Critical hits for this one to go down right.

Round 5

The final round has you seeking to get 30 Critical Kills. This requires most of your kills to be critical hits. While there are a good number of Humans, they are in fair concentrations and in covered areas. Given the extra fire, this one is hardest to get the Optional objective. The final wave offers a good chance if you take out the Surveyors and let the Constructors make a few Loaders to come after you.