Will you jump or call the suicide hotline in the Borderlands 2 mission, "Kill Yourself"?

Kill Yourself is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Quest Giver[edit]

Jack Bounty Statue (Eridium Blight)


Where Angels Fear to Tread


Eridium Blight

Lover's Leap


Do It


Don't Do It

Turn in: Jack Bounty Statue


Handsome Jack has a proposition for you

Level 24

Side Mission

Optional: Yes



12 Eridium

3274 XP (If you kill yourself)


9832 XP (If you don't kill yourself. Triple XP, but no Eridium)also spawns an invincible marauder


Progress Updates[edit]

Killing Yourself:

"Hahahahahaha! I guess you just killed yourself. Head back to the bounty board and I'll pay you. But uh, just one second. No matter what happens, I just want you to remember one thing. You're a sellout. You killed yourself cause I paid you to. You're a bitch. Ok."

Crisis Line:

"Enjoy your nothing, Idiot!"

Mission Briefing[edit]

Handsome Jack has asked you to kill yourself. Jump from Lover's Leap and he will pay you a king's ransom. Wuss out, and you will get nothing. Your choice.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Depends on whether you killed yourself or not

Didn't Kill Yourself:

Handsome Jack made you a most unusuasl offer. You told him what you thought of it.


Go to Lover's Leap and either press the Crisis Counseling Button to reach the suicide hotline, or jump to your death.

It is better to jump since it will net you 12 Eridium which is worth a lot more than the money you will spend when resurrected at the New-U Station If you quit just after Jack starts blabbing at you and the quest marks itself complete, you get full credit and pay nothing for the respawn, and get a poor-mans TP to the bounty board if that's where you last entered the zone. (this can be done at any time of course, and can be used to prevent paying cash out as long as you quit before you get re-digistructed)

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

If you don't jump, Jack calls you a coward. You do not get the Eridium but you get triple the amount of Experience Points.

The Eridium can be used in the Black Market

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