Leather Tidal Wave. A rare shotgun in Borderlands 2. Reward from mailing blueprints to Hyperion in the quest "Uncle Teddy"

Leather Tidal Wave is a rare shotgun in Borderlands 2

It is one of the possible rewards for the mission Uncle Teddy

(Note: Reward Name, Elemental Effects, and Stats may vary)

Main Attributes[edit]

Rarity: Blue (Rare)

Type: Shotgun

Level Requirements: 30

Manufacturer: Jakobs

Value: $2,132

Weapon Stats[edit]

Damage: 617x13

Accuracy: 42.1

Fire Rate: 14.1

Reload Speed: 3.1

Magazine Size: 2

Status Effects and Other Bonuses[edit]

"Flee the Wave, Dude!" (Red Text)

+11% Weapon Damage

Consumes 2 Ammo per shot

Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger

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