Legendary Berserker Class Mod in Borderlands 2

The Legendary Berserker Class Mod is an orange (Legendary) Class Mod in Borderlands 2

How to get Legendary Berserker Class Mod[edit]

It drops from the boss Vermivorous the Invincible. Can also be found in Blake's treasure from defeating the leviathan.

Class Requirement[edit]

Gunzerker You can now also get this from Pyro Pete and Veracidous as well as other legendary class mods

Level Requirement[edit]


Stats Bonus[edit]

Cooldown Rate: +41

Fire Rate: +32%

Melee Damage: +33

Skills Increased[edit]

+5 Locked and Loaded Skill

+5 Quick Draw Skill

+5 Filled to the Brim Skill

+5 Hard to Kill Skill

+5 Incite Skill

Other Effects[edit]

Increases your Movement Speed by 50% when Gunzerking.

"Never look at my fist."