Legendary Hunter Class Mod in Borderlands 2

The Legendary Hunter Class Mod is an orange (Legendary) Class Mod in Borderlands 2

How to get Legendary Hunter Class Mod[edit]

Legendary Hunter class mods are a rare drop from the boss Vermivorous the Invincible.

They can also be found in gun chests, or can be purchased from Dr. Zed's vendor as Item of the Day.

They can also be dropped by Loot Wee Gun Loaders, which are most commonly found near Hyperion locations.

The chest in the Rotgut Distillery DLC that requires the player to complete the DLC and kill all the threshers can also spawn it.

Upon release of the Loot the World iPhone application, released on December 12, 2013, there was a barcode found that granted the Legendary Hunter Class Mod.

Level 39 Legendary Hunter Class Mod: http://tinypic.com/r/4t1w87/5

Class Requirement[edit]


Level Requirement[edit]

(Varies -- dependent on player level when mod is found)

Stats Bonus[edit]

Cooldown Rate: +30%

Critical Hit Damage: +26%

Reload Speed: +18%

Skills Increased[edit]

+2-5 Headshot Skill

+2-5 Fast Hands Skill

+2-5 Counter Strike Skill

+2-5 Killing Blow Skill

+2-5 Iron Hand

Other Effects[edit]

Using Deception instantly restores 10% of your health.

"I never die."





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