Legendary Soldier Class Mod in Borderlands 2

The Legendary Soldier Class Mod is an orange (Legendary) Class Mod in Borderlands 2

How to get Legendary Soldier Class Mod[edit]

It drops from Vermivorous the Invincible, and Pyro Pete The Invincible, but can be found from Chests and Dr. Zed Machines also. Can also drop from loot midgets.terra

Class Requirement[edit]


Level Requirement[edit]

20-72 (Level 21 Legendary Soldier Class Mod found, so level requirement reduce to 20)

Stats Bonus[edit]

Cooldown Rate: +18-35%

Gun Damage: +14-29%

Fire Rate: +10-20%

Skills Increased[edit]

+2-5 Sentry Skill

+2-5 Ready Skill

+2-5 Impact Skill

+2-5 Expertise Skill

+2-5 Healthy Skill

+2-5 Preparation Skill

Other Effects[edit]

"It's like Christmas."




$2,420 to around $64,000