The following is a complete list of side missions in Borderlands 2 organized by areas.

Click on a zone to see the missions there.

Arid Nexus Badlands[edit]

Arid Nexus Boneyard[edit]

Bloodshot Ramparts[edit]

Bloodshot Stronghold[edit]

Caustic Caverns[edit]

The Dust[edit]

Eridium Blight[edit]

The Fridge[edit]

Frostburn Canyon[edit]

The Highlands[edit]

Highlands Outwash[edit]



Ore Chasm[edit]


Sawtooth Cauldron[edit]

Southern Shelf[edit]

Southern Shelf Bay[edit]

Terramorphous Peak[edit]

Thousand Cuts[edit]

Three Horns Divide[edit]

Three Horns Valley[edit]

Tundra Express[edit]

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve[edit]

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