Lobbed Bonus Package, a Torgue Grenade Mod in Borderlands 2

Lobbed Bonus Package is a Grenade Mod in Borderlands 2.

Other versions of the Bonus Package Grenade include Homing Bonus Package and Rubberized Bonus Package,

How to get Bonus Package[edit]

Drop from Boom & Bewm

From Torgue Vending Machine, purchase with Torgue Tokens (Requires Campaign of Carnage)


(Note: Actual Stats vary based on level)

Level Requirement: 50

Grenade Damage: 64501x10

Blast Radius: 415

Fuse Time: 1.8

Spawns 10 Child Grenades

"2x more awesome, bonus extreme!" (red text effect)

Manufacturer: Torgue

Value: 26010

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