Madness Skin Packs

On January 14, 2013, on an IGN Live Stream, Gearbox Software announced new skin packs with three different themes for each character.


These are 15 different Skin Packs, each with one head and one skin for each character. There are three different themes: "Madness", "Supremacy", and "Domination". See below for more details.

Release Date[edit]

Jan 22, 2013


Each theme skin pack costs USD $0.99 (or 80 Microsoft Points) and includes one head and one skin for the chosen character.

There is no option to buy all of them at a discount price.

If you buy all 15, price will be like $15 (or 1200 MSP)

These skin packs are NOT Be included in the Season Pass since the Season Pass is only for campaign DLCs

The skins go straight into your customization station, there is no inventory item to use.

List of Skin Packs[edit]

Axton Skin Packs[edit]

Soldier Madness Pack

Soldier Supremacy Pack

Soldier Domination Pack

Maya Skin Packs[edit]

Siren Madness Pack

Siren Supremacy Pack

Siren Domination Pack

Salvador Skin Packs[edit]

Gunzerker Madness Pack

Gunzerker Supremacy Pack

Gunzerker Domination Pack

Gaige Skin Packs[edit]

Mechromancer Madness Pack

Mechromancer Supremacy Pack

Mechromancer Domination Pack

Zer0 Skin Packs[edit]

Assassin Madness Pack

Assassin Supremacy Pack

Assassin Domination Pack

List of all Skins in New Skin Packs By Character[edit]

Axton the Commando Heads[edit]

Covert Op - Commando Supremacy Pack

Ex-Axton - Commando Madness Pack

Headbanger - - Commando Domination Pack

Axton the Commando Skins[edit]

Advanced Warfare - Commando Supremacy Pack

Delicious Flesh - Commando Madness Pack

Crash Test Soldier - Commando Domination Pack

Gaige the Mechromancer Heads[edit]

Necrosis - Mechromancer Supremacy Pack

Horned Child - Mechromancer Madness Pack

Furry Ferocity - Mechromancer Domination Pack

Gaige the Mechromancer Skins[edit]

Chaos Reigns - Mechromancer Supremacy Pack

Bring Out Your Dead - Mechromancer Madness Pack

Warm and Fuzzy - Mechromancer Domination Pack

Maya the Siren Heads[edit]

Ascendant - Siren Supremacy Pack

Throatcutter - Siren Madness Pack

Pigtail Pugilist - Siren Domination Pack

Maya the Siren Skins[edit]

Ethereal - Siren Supremacy Pack

A Quick Death - Siren Madness Pack

Love and Death - Siren Domination Pack

Salvador the Gunzerker Heads[edit]

ZerkerBot2000 - Gunzerker Supremacy Pack

Major Malfunction - Gunzerker Domination Pack

El Diablo - Gunzerker Madness Pack

Salvador the Gunzerker Skins[edit]

Mess With The Bull - Gunzerker Madness Pack

In the Trenches - Gunzerker Domination Pack

Skin of Steel - Gunzerker Supremacy Pack

Zer0 the Assassin Heads[edit]

Infern0 - Assassin Supremacy Pack

Murder of Cr0ws - Assassin Madness Pack

Ech0location - Assassin Domination Pack

Zer0 the Assassin Skins[edit]

A Cleansing Fire - Assassin Supremacy Pack

The Nature of Fear - Assassin Madness Pack

Obsidian Justice - Assassin Domination Pack

Skins by Theme[edit]

All skins in Madness Skin Packs

All skins in Supremacy Skin Packs

All skins in Domination Skin Packs

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