Dr. Mercy in Borderlands 2

Medical Mystery is a side mission in Borderlands 2

NPC Quest Giver[edit]

Dr. Zed


Completed Do No Harm


Dr. Zed's Meds (Sanctuary) - Mission Start

Three Horns Divide

Snowbound Crossroads

Three Horns Valley

Shock Fossil Cavern

Dr. Mercy's Lair


Head to Dr. Mercy's Lair

Find Mysterious Weapon

Kill Dr. Mercy

Search Dr. Mercy

Turn in: Dr. Mercy


What can create a bullet hole... but isn't a bullet?

Level 8

Side Mission

Optional Mission



791 XP

Gear: Bandity Blasster (E-Tech Weapon) (Temporary Reward) (Can be some other Blasster such as a Fast Bulets Blasster)


Crazed Marauder



Dr. Mercy

Progress Updates and Quotes[edit]

"You know what can make a bullet hole, that ain't a bullet? Cause I friggin' don't. I've been seeing some confusing wounds coming from Three Horns - head down there and find out what kinda weapons causing them. An old Rival of mine named Doc Mercy usin' it. Don't let the name fool ya. Unlike me, he's more interested in crating the wounds than patching them up. Also unlike me, he actually has a medical license." (Dr. Zed)

"Keep your mitts off my toy! Finders Keepers, losers DIE" (Dr. Mercy)

"Now what in the hell's he got? Looks like you found what's been perforatin' my clientele - do me a solid and get that gun from him" (Dr. Zed)

"What good's yer fancy-pancy med school degree now, huh, Mercy? Good job, Vault Hunter - Search his body and see if you can't grab that weird-ass gun off him"

"I'll be damned - that's E-tech"

Mission Briefing[edit]

Some civilians from Three Horns Valley have been showing up at Dr. Zed's clinic with unexplainable wounds - bullet wounds without bullets, burn marks without charring. He'd like you to head out to Three Horns Valley and get your hands on whatever's causing these injuries.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

You had one of your first brushes with E-Tech. Things got pretty messy.


Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate


Spawn a Light Runner from the Catch A Ride Station outside Sanctuary

Drive southwest on Snowbound Crossroads. There are two exits that lead to Three Horns Valley , take the southern exit. After entering Three Horns Valley turn right and drive up to the entrance to Shock Fossil Cavern. The car can't go inside the cavern, so leave it parked outside and continue your journey on foot.

Kill all enemies in the cave. find Doc Mercy and kill him too, then loot his body to complete the mission.

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

Sometimes the chests in the Shock Fossil Cavern will contain Eridium so be sure to check all the containers.

Use shock weapons against Dr. Mercy to penetrate his shield.

Then search Doc Mercy's body after you've killed him.

You get the Bandity Blasster to use in your next mission, but you do not get to keep it after that mission is over.

Bugs - Glitches[edit]

If you don't find the weapon on Dr. Mercy's Body or have other problems with the "Search Dr. Mercy" objective, leave the area and come back.

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