Well, hello. Don't just stand there looking gorgeous -- the drinks don't cost much, but information's a bit pricier. <Ep5 - Pt1>
Aw. It's the thought that counts, sweetie, but why don't you come back when you've got some real scratch? <Ep5 - Pt1>
What the hell's going on out there? <Ep8 - Pt4>
Sugar, once you get rid of Jack, you come on back to my place -- the first round's on me. <Ep17 - Pt4>
I’ve had just about enough of that handsome jackass, sugar. Get rid of him, and you’ll never pay for another drink again. <Ep17 - Pt6>
Here -- I got something for ya. <Ep17 - Pt6>
Jack killed Roland? Son of a bitch…he helped me take care of Mister Shank, and, unlike…well, damn near everyone around here, he always behaved like a gentlemen. I don't…I don't know what to say. Dammit, am I crying? <BearBadNews>
It's not much, but I hope it comes in handy. <BearBadNews>
So, sugar, you've reached my first circle of slaughter. If you're interested in blasting bandits and getting paid, have a chin-wag with Fink. <CircleOfSlaughter>
Ah, the Natural Selection Annex -- as deadly as it is pungent. Talk to Captain Cabrera when you're ready to step into the ring. <CircleOfSlaughter>
Made it to the robot slaughter, didya? Talk to InnuendoBot to get started -- he's an old Hyperion loader I reprogrammed a while back. Pretty proud of how he turned out, if I do say so myself. <CircleOfSlaughter>
Those bandits didn't stand a virgin's chance in the red light district! Go see Fink for your reward. <CircleOfSlaughter>
Well done, sugar! Since you survived, Captain Cabrera owes me some serious….payment. By which I mean "money." Sorry, it's hard to turn that sexy voice off. <CircleOfSlaughter>
Way to scrap those bots, sugar! InnuendoBot should have your reward. <CircleOfSlaughter>
Ooooh -- sorry, I can't make it. Give Claptrap my love, though! My purely platonic love. Don't want him getting any ideas. <ClaptrapBirthday>
Sorry, sugar. Not enough cash. <FamFuedWakey>
Careful, sugar -- that's strong stuff. <FamFuedWakey>
Wow -- you really know how to throw those back. <FamFuedWakey>
Looks like you've had enough. Sorry, sugar, but I'm cutting you off. <FamFuedWakey>
Jack destroyed my underdome when he thought I was cheating on him, and now he wants to build his own arena just to rub it in my face. We're not gonna let that happen, sugar. Get out to Opportunity and kill the construction foreman who's running the project. <HellHath>
Ooh -- he dropped a key. Do a lady a favor and grab it. <HellHath>
Every key fits in a lock, sugar -- check the containers, see if that key opens one of 'em. <HellHath>
Sounds like that key was just the right size. See if there's anything useful in there. <HellHath>
If I know my explosives -- and I'd like to think I do -- you could use those charges to flood the construction site. If you'd blow up the nearby retaining wall and flood those pits, I'd be awful grateful. <HellHath>
Ha! Haven't heard Jack that angry since I kicked his plastic surgeried-ass to the curb. Come on back, sugar. <HellHath>
Nothin' like a little vengeance to round out the day. <HellHath>
Get away from the explosives, sugar -- they're gonna make a big boom. <HellHath>
There's the foreman -- drop him for me, will ya? <HellHath>
You want my camera, hunh? You can borrow it on one condition -- anything you shoot better involve naked flesh, or explosions. Bonus points for both. <HomeMovies>
Oh Mordecai, just put the bird away -- or, actually...don't. <HomeMovies>
Ugh -- shut that racket off, wouldya, sugar? <OOBE>
Mordecai plans on sucking down more rakk-ale, huh? Did the same thing after he and I split up, poor kid. Bring me the booze instead and I'll give you my prized revolver, Rubi. <RakkAnon>
Hey -- until he set all those people on fire, Jack seemed like a pretty nice guy! It's not my fault Mordecai was more interested in pluckin' his bird's feathers than, I'm so angry I can't even come up with a sexy innuendo! <RakkAnon>
No no -- bring the booze to ME instead of that alcoholic bird-lover, and I'll give you Rubi. <RakkAnon>
Here's Rubi -- treat her well. <RakkAnon>
Hey there, sugar. I see you've found some...fairly fleshy snapshots of me. If you give those to me instead of my third ex-husband, I'll make it worth your while. Feel free to take a peek, though. I sure don't mind. <SafeAndSound>
Thanks, sugar -- I've been meaning to upload these to the ECHOnet. <SafeAndSound>
It's cold out here, sugar, but you know what'd warm you up? Killin' bandits for money. I've got a circle of slaughter set up that I'm sure you'd be interested in -- why doncha find it and see if you can survive a few rounds of bloody bandit combat? <Slaughters>
Hey, honey. You feel like fighting some savage beasts? Head out to the Wildlife Exploitation Reserve and meet up with an old beau of mine named Captain Cabrera. He'll get you into the creature circle of slaughter. <Slaughters>
After everything that's happened, I bet you wouldn't mind taking out a few dozen Hyperion goons for money. I'm giving you access to the Hyperion Circle of Slaughter -- it's a little thing I put together with the help of a broken Hyperion loader. His name's Innuendobot -- go meet up with him, would ya, sugar? <Slaughters>
A Gutter brother? Oh, yeah -- one of them barged in here a couple hours ago, demanding "safe haven". I told him I couldn't make any promises, and he got bitchy. I had to pull out Rubi and put a few rounds in him -- his shield ate the first two, but boy, did he feel the last one. Nobody threatens me in my joint. <WontGetFooled>
Ellie, sweetheart -- when are you gonna come back to Sanctuary? I know you’re angry. I’m not going to apologize for what I said,’s not safe out there. Both of those dumbass families think the other started their clan feud -- neither of them knows the war actually started thanks to a big misunderstanding regarding a bar tab and a stock car race. Long story -- maybe I’ll tell you sometime. The point is, the truce between the Zafords and the Hodunks can only last so long -- sooner or later war will break out again, and you do not want to be in the middle of it. Trust me, sugar -- you don’t have the constitution for it. But hey -- if you’d prefer to live near a bunch of bandits who want you dead, rather than stay with your mother who, god forbid, wants you to care about your appearance, that’s your decision to make. (beat.) But it’s the wrong one. Just come back, honey. <MapEcho - Dust>
Hey, sugar. The underdome may be gone, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put on a show. I’ve got a fella named Fink running one of my Circles of Slaughter. Go check it out -- you might like it. <Moxxi - CoS - Arena - Intro>
And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for….the CREDITS! <Moxxi - NPC - Credits>
You finished with that little somethin-somethin I asked you about? <Moxxi - Quest - During>
You still working on one of my jobs? <Moxxi - Quest - During>
How're you doing with that job I sent you on? <Moxxi - Quest - During>
I've got just the thing for ya. <Moxxi - Quest - New>
Hey, sugar. I got somethin' for ya. <Moxxi - Quest - New>
Wanna help me out? <Moxxi - Quest - New>
Aw, sorry, sweetie. No work today. <Moxxi - Quest - No - New>
I don't have any work, but that doesn't mean you can't stay. <Moxxi - Quest - No - New>
No new jobs. Shame -- I love to watch you work. <Moxxi - Quest - No - New>
That's…interesting. <Moxxi - Quest - NPC - Mumble>
(tired sigh) <Moxxi - Quest - NPC - Mumble>
I really need to clean this place. <Moxxi - Quest - NPC - Mumble>
It's been a long day. <Moxxi - Quest - NPC - Mumble>
Dangit. <Moxxi - Quest - NPC - Mumble>
Hey, sugar -- wanna help a lady out? Stop by my bar in Sanctuary and I'll give you a job. <Moxxi - Quest - NPC - Reminder>
You're the best! <Moxxi - Quest - Turn - In>
Can't thank you enough, sugar. <Moxxi - Quest - Turn - In>
Thanks for finishin' that job, darlin'. <Moxxi - Quest - Turn - In>
Like what you see? <Moxxi - Quest - UI - Idle>
You know, you're not like the others -- I can throw out a saucy innuendo and an animal noise at these goons and they're putty in my hands. But you? You're made of…firmer stuff. Mee-ow. <Moxxi - Quest - UI - Idle>
I'm a bit tired, so just imagine I said something incredibly suggestive, will you? <Moxxi - Quest - UI - Idle>
Take your time, sugar. <Moxxi - Quest - UI - Idle>
Honey, I've got all day. <Moxxi - Quest - UI - Idle>
If you're not in the mood for a mission, you can always try out one of my slot machines. <Moxxi - Quest - UI - Idle>
Oh, you sweet thing. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
Always love a good tip. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>’re gonna make me blush. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
Tiger growl. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
You keep that up, I might just have to pay you back somehow. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more attractive. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
Spending all that money on little old me? I’m flattered. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
I haven’t seen someone throw that much money around last boyfriend. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
Hell, I’m all wet. I mean -- I spilled a drink. Before you came in. Not cause you tipped me. Good god, I’m not that easy. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
Aw, you’re makin’ me as shy as a hooker in confession! I’m not a hooker, though. Don’t go spreading that around. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
I’ll be able to rebuild the Underdome in no time! <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
You remind me of my last boyfriend. Think you met him -- name of Jack. Real charmer, at first. Always opening doors for me, telling me I’m beautiful, shooting anyone in the face if they looked at me sideways. Course, then he got clingy and I dropped him like a bad habit...which as it turns out, wasn’t the best idea. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
One step closer to rebuilding the Underdome. Jack didn’t take it too well when I kicked him to the curb. Way he figured it, if he couldn’t have the thing he loved, neither could I -- he sent his goons to burn the Underdome to the ground. I think he's planning to rebuild it in his own image, but he's missing the stuff that made it great -- the flash, the pizzazz, the personality. And his tits aren’t as nice. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
They say money can’t buy you love, but it’s a damned good replacement. Though, Mordecai might disagree with that. Poor guy -- I offered him a rakk hive’s worth of guns and cash for winning the top spot in my underdome, but he never wanted any of it. If I had a nickel for every time he asked me to run away with him...well, I wouldn’t need a tip jar, that’s for sure. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
Thanks for the tips, sugar. I think it's time your generosity was…rewarded. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
I tell ya, sugar -- the resistance was desperate for someone like you. Roland's a real sweetheart, but everybody knows this city's just a skagleap away from getting torn apart by Hyperion or the bandits. We all thought we were safe in New Haven a few years back, but that...that didn't turn out so well. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
I appreciate it, darling -- business hasn't been so hot since Hyperion rolled into town. They talk big about "cleaning up the wasteland" and "civilizing Pandora," but it really just comes down to two things: money, and control. And Hyperion wants both. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
You met Ellie yet? Lovely girl. Hates my guts. I tried to explain to her -- there's no harm in putting just a little effort into your appearance. A little rouge here, some dieting there -- reasonable requests, I thought, but a few years of that were enough to make her move out to the Dust. Said something about making her own way, that she didn't need Scooter or I. (sighing) Kids, you know? <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
Thanks. This place ain't doing great, but it's still doing better than most -- nothing dulls the pain of losing a war quite like a strong glass of rakk-ale. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
Appreciated, sugar. That reminds me of something Jimbo Hodunk told me right before me and the kids left his disgusting bandit clan forever. He said, "(frontier gibberish)". I'll never forget that. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
You haven't met the Hodunks yet, have you? Bastards, every one of 'em. They think just cause you're born into their stupid clan, you have to follow their rules, date who they tell you to date, murder who they tell you to murder, and -- yeugh. (gradually going back into her natural redneck accent) Good lord, I am so glad the kids and I left that stupid clan forever-- oh god, did I go back into the accent? Oh no. Oh no. Oh crap. Don't tell anybody. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
There was a time when I'd be out there on the frontlines, fighting Jack's troops alongside you. Course, that was four kids and god knows how many husbands ago -- my reflexes aren't exactly what they used to be. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar>
How generous of you. Here -- this is my favorite gun. You'll understand when you use it. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar - FavGun>
Here -- this isn't my favorite gun, but you might get some use out of it. <Moxxi - React - Tip - Jar - NotFavGun>

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