You need to find parts for this Sandskiff vehicle in the mission "My Life for a Sandskiff in Borderlands 2

My Life for a Sandskiff is a mission from the Pirate's Booty DLC in Borderlands 2




Pirate's Booty DLC

Completed A Warm Welcome


Town of Oasis


Get in the Old Sandskiff

Talk to Lionel

Locate Sand Worm Queen

Kill the Sand Worm Queen

Find Engine Capacitor

Talk to Mrs. Blayvis

Find Coolant Disperser

Talk to Jocko

Find Pressure Regulator

Talk to Jennifer

Find Magnetic Overthruster

Install Magnetic Overthruster

Install Engine Capacitor

Install Coolant Disperser

Install Pressure Regulator

Scan Skiff

Return to Shade

Turn in: Shade


Take a Hovercraft out to Wurmwater

Get in the old Sandskiff

Then you need to find parts for Sandskiff.


you may scan it and summon one from any catch-a-ride machine


5789 XP



Sand Worm Queen

Progress Updates[edit]

(Shade) If you're looking for the treasure of the sands, you want to talk to Captain Scarlett. She's set up in Wurmwater -- you'll need a sand-skiff to reach her. Use mine -- it is the least I can do for the stranger who saved the many living people of my town! Oh, you're so cool.

(Shade) Oh no, did my sandskiff just randomly explode, forcing you to stay in Oasis and hang out with me some more? Darn. Well, my other friends out in the flats might have some sandskiff parts for you. They are very nice and alive. Go talk to them, but be careful -- if you step on the flat sands out there, the sand grubs will hear you and eat you and then you won't be able to hang out with me

(Shade) That is a great story, Lionel! Friend, I believe he has an engine capacitor stashed somewhere nearby! It's yours!

(Shade) Oh, that is Missus Blayvis -- be careful, she is a relentless flirt. I always feel like a piece of meat around her. I gave her a coolant disperser several weeks ago, as a gift! Take it

(Shade) Ahahaha! Oh, he is a cut-up! Oh gosh, Jocko! Jocko borrowed one of my pressure regulators for one of his comedy bits the other day! Find it and it is yours!

(Shade) That's Jennifer -- a nice girl, but very naive. I think she has a magnetic overthruster you could use for the sandskiff.

(Shade) You have everything you need to rebuild the sandskiff! Just thank the lovely people of Oasis! It's good we have so much water -- otherwise we might have died of dehydration! HAhahahahahaahahahah!

(Shade) Please attach those parts you retrieved to the sandskiff. Then you may scan it and summon one from any catch-a-ride machine!

(Shade) Oh, she is fixed! Wonderful! Please hit that button to digiscan her into the catch-a-ride system. If you want.

(Shade) There -- you may now digistruct a sandskiff from any catch-a-ride machine! Before you go off to meet Captain Scarlett, though, you MUST return to me!

Mission Briefing[edit]

Shade has suggested that if you are to find the Lost Treasure of the Sands, you will need to meet with a pirate queen named Captain Scarlett. Scarlett lives out in Wurmwater, which - full disclosure - contains no water. You will need a Hovercraft to reach Wurmwater, but thankfully Shade has agreed to let you borrow his.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

With Shade's hovercraft repaired, you can finally head out to Wurmwater and find Captain Scarlett.


All NPCS can be found in Oasis. Lionel is fishing in the Oasis Docks

The Engine Capacitor is a drop from Sand Worm Queen Jump from the docks to the desert ground and look for her there.

To get the Pressure Regulator you will have to climb a building from a ramp and then climb a ladder to the rooftop where the Regulator is.

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A Study in Scarlett

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