In the Mission "Nakayama-rama" Claptrap has you gather these data recorders to learn more about the evil villain called Professor Nakayama

Nakayama-rama is a mission from Sir Hammerlock's Game Hunt DLC in Borderlands 2


Keep your friends close...

Mission Type[edit]

Side Quest (Optional Mission)

Starting Location[edit]

Roothill Village

Starting NPC[edit]



Pick up data recorders 0/4

Turn in: Claptrap


The Sun Swamps

The Ardorton Docks

Grifter's Reach


Find Nakayama's lost audio diaries


XP and money


Witch Doctors


Fan Boats


Mission Items[edit]

Data Recorders

Mission Briefing[edit]

Know thy enemies, minion. If you are going to take down Professor Nakayama, you'll do well to learn everything you can about him. I think the tool lost some of his audio diaries. Go find them.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Nice job finding those echoes, minion. Come on back when you are done.

You've learned a little something about Nakayama. Nothing that will actually help you kill him, of course, but still - something.


Follow the waypoints on your minimap and collect all of Professor Nakayama's Data Recorders.

Use a Fan Boat to help you navigate to your destinations, but watch out for Enemy Fanboats. The data recordings are located around Scylla's Grove in The Sun Swamps, The Ardorton Docks, and Grifter's Reach

Return to Claptrap in Roothill Village after you have gathered all the Data Recorders.

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