The Necrotic Sorcerer in Borderlands 2

The Necrotic Sorcerer is the second form of the final mission boss in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC in Borderlands 2


The Handsome Sorcerer is encountered in Dragon Keep. This is his second form.


The Necrotic Sorcerer can summon up a trio of Animated Skeletons.

He will launch Flying Skulls that will dive bomb you.

He can launch himself in the area and land with a close burst of Slag damage. Jump as he lands to avoid this.

The Necrotic Sorcerer can lay a Slow Trap that will severely hamper your movement.


As flesh and blood, he is weaker to Fire-Type attacks. He can, and regularly does, make a shield around himself. Just blast that thing away with Shock-Type damage.

His critical point, needless to say, is his head.