Pandora is the what the world is called in Borderlands 2

History of Pandora[edit]

If you know one thing about Pandora, it should be the Vault - an ancient ruin rumored to contain vast treasure. I don't know who started these rumors. It certainly wasn't me trying to lure hapless adventurers to this backwater planet to trade good money for this crap I'm selling. But everyone, from the scroungiest prospector to the interplanetary weapon manufacturer Hyperion Corporation, scoured Pandora to obtain the Vault's treasures.

Anyway, about five years ago, four not-so-hapless adventurers came looking for the Vault and actually managed to find the damn thing. And what did these Vault Hunters find inside? Money? Artifacts? Really cool weapons? Nope. Just some fat, ugly tentacle monster and the inspiration to do something else with their lives.

However, the scroungiest of prospectors, a snake of a man named Handsome Jack, found what the Vault Hunters overlooked: Eridium - an alien element with amazing properties and worth a freaking fortune. With this Eridium now popping up all over the place, Handsome Jack and his newly-bough Hyperion Corporation have dominated Pandora, oppressing the people and leaving honest entrepreneurs, like yours truly, out in the cold.

But now there are rumors of another Vault, an even bigger Vault. This news has drawn the attention of even more Vault Hunters, as well as Handsome Jack, who isn't going to let these newcomers beat him to it. Will these new adventurers find the Vault? Will they fall prey to the murderous machinations of Handsome Jack? Will there be more tentacles?

Well, my friend, that story remains to be told...