Pistols Red Text[edit]


Gunstock Unforgiven

Loaded Unforgiven

Trick Shot Unforgiven

Two Fer Unforgiven


Unforgiven Red Text[edit]

"It's a helluva thing..."

Unforgiven Red Text Meaning[edit]

Bonus critical hit damage - AND an allusion to Clint Eastwood's William Munny in the movie "The Unforgiven". "It's a helluva thing killin' a man..."


Dva Stalker

Purging Stalker

Resolute Stalker

Righteous Stalker

Unending Stalker

Vengeful Stalker


Stalker Red Text[edit]

"You can run, but you can't hide."

Stalker Red Text Meaning[edit]

Increased Rate of Fire

Increased Capacity

Bullets move slower and ricochet off surfaces twice.

SMGs Red Text[edit]


Brisk Avenger

Guaranteed Avenger

Hefty Avenger

Quality Avenger

Refill Avenger


Avenger Red Text[edit]

"Counterbution revengence, The reckoning."

Avenger Red Text Meaning[edit]

Regenerates ammo over time

When tossed spins on the ground and fires in 360 degrees for 5-10 seconds.

Assault Rifles Red Text[edit]


Expandifide Sawbar

fast Bulets Sawbar

Nassty Sawbar

Nifed Sawbar


Sawbar Red Text[edit]

"Surpresssing Fires!!!!"

Sawbar Red Text Meaning[edit]

Travels about 20ft then splits 3 ways and explodes.


Attack Bearcat

Deep Bearcat

Feral Bearcat

Patrol Bearcat


Bearcat Red Text[edit]

"I love the smell of popcorn in the morning."

Bearcat Red Text Meaning[edit]

Fires three grenades per shot that detonate on impact with enemies or ricochet off the walls

Sniper Rifles Red Text[edit]


Banbury Storm

Barking Storm

Dandy Storm

Gentleman's Storm

Monstrous Storm

Sublime Storm


Storm Red Text[edit]

"Tut. Tut. it looks like rain."

Storm Red Text Meaning[edit]

Creates an electric sphere that spawns lightning orbs(5ish) that shock anything close to them

Shotguns Red Text[edit]


Critical Butcher

Potential Butcher

Practicable Butcher

Reactive Butcher

Restructuring Butcher

Scalable Butcher

Social Butcher


Butcher Red Text[edit]

"Fresh Meat!"

Butcher Red Text Meaning[edit]

Has a chance to give you ammo rather than expend it

Rocket Launcher Red Text[edit]


Deep a Tunguska

derp Tunguska

dippity Tunguska

dum pa Tunguska

fidle dee Tunguska

gaa dunk ga Tunguska


Tunguska Red Text[edit]

"It will split the sky in two."

Tunguska Red Text Meaning[edit]

Rockets shot from this travel in a parabolic trajectory with a large curve. Once it hits the ground it will deal a small amount of damage before rising up a few feet and dealing a large amount of damage in a large radius.