Scurvy Dog, Commando Pirate Head in Borderlands 2

The following heads are part of the Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC.

Requirements to unlock Pirate Heads[edit]

1) Purchase Pirate's Booty DLC

2) Complete all DLC story missions

Axton Commando Pirate Head[edit]

Axton Pirate Head Name: Scurvy Dog

Pictures: Scurvy Dog

Maya Siren Pirate Head[edit]

Maya Pirate Head Name: Cutthroat Combatant

Screenshot: Cutthroat Combatant

Salvador Gunzerker Pirate Head[edit]

Salvador Pirate Head Name: Not-So-Jolly-Roger

Pic: Not-So-Jolly-Roger

Zer0 Assassin Pirate Head[edit]

Zer0 Pirate Head Name: B0ne H3ad (Bone Head)

Image: B0ne H3ad

Gaige Mechromancer Pirate Head[edit]

Gaige Pirate Head Name: Bullet Buccaneer Head

Picture: Bullet Buccaneer

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