Captain Scarlett, a new NPC, featured on the cover of Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC

The Pirate's Booty DLC is the first full-sized campaign DLC for Borderlands 2. Some info about it was leaked during the Mechromancer DLC release.

On October 11, 2012, Gearbox Software confirmed the details of the Pirate DLC and announced it is coming out October 16, 2012

Pirate's Booty DLC Release Date[edit]

Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty releases On Tuesday, October 16th 2012 for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3

The Pirate's Booty DLC costs $9.99 / 800 Microsoft Points. It is included in the Season Pass, so if you bought the Season Pass you can access this DLC.

Level Cap Increase?[edit]

There is NO level cap increase in the Pirate's Booty DLC. Rumors on level increase to 55, 56, and 60 were FALSE. The Level Cap in the Pirate's DLC has NOT been raised!

How to Start Captain Scarlett DLC[edit]

Fast Travel to Oasis

New NPCs[edit]

Captain Scarlett



Aubrey Callahan III

...and more!

New Pirate Heads[edit]

See: Pirate Heads

New Areas[edit]

Town of Oasis

Hayter's Folly

Lair of the Leviathan


Captain Scarlett's Pirate Ship

The Rustyards

Magnys Lighthouse

Washburne Refinery

...and many more!

New Vehicle[edit]

Hovercraft, with lots of skins

New Loot Rarity[edit]

Seraph (or Seraphim) - See: Social Actualizer

New Currency[edit]

Seraph Crystals

New Missions[edit]

A Warm Welcome

My Life for a Sandskiff

A Study in Scarlett

Two Easy Pieces

The Hermit

Crazy About You


Let There Be Light

X Marks The Spot

Fire Water

Don't Copy That Floppy

Burying The Past


Smells Like Victory

Message In A Bottle: Hayter's Folly

Message In A Bottle: Magnys Lighthouse

Message In A Bottle: Oasis

Message In A Bottle: The Rustyards

Message In A Bottle: Wurmwater

Man's Best Friend

Freedom of Speech

Giving Jocko A Leg Up

Just Desserts for Desert Deserters


Catch a Ride, and Also Tetanus

Declaration Against Independents

Treasure of the Sands

Hyperius the Invincible

Master Gee the Invincible

New Enemies[edit]


Cave Crystalisk

New Bosses[edit]


Big Sleep




New Challenges[edit]


Worm Killer

Land Lubber

New Items in Pirate DLC[edit]

Artifact - Seraph Blood Relic

New grenade mod - Blade

New Seraph Anshin shield

Item Pickup - Seraph Crystals

pistol - Scarlets Greed Boss - Jakobs

pistol - Little Evie Boss - Maliwan

pistol - Devastator Raid - Torgue

shotgun - Jolly Roger Boss - Bandit

shotgun - Orphan Maker Boss - Jakobs

shotgun - Spitter. Raid - Tediore

assault rifle - Seraphim Raid - Dahl

assault rifle - Stinkpot Boss - Jakobs

assault rifle - Rapier Boss - Vladof

rocket launcher - 12Pounder Boss - Torgue

rocket launcher - Ahab Raid - Torgue

Submachine Gun - Tattler Raid - Bandit

Submachine Gun - Sand Hawk Boss - Dahl

Submachine Gun - Actualizer Raid - Hyperion

Sniper Rifle - Pimpernel Boss - Maliwan

Sniper Rifle - Patriot Raid - Vladof

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