Place second flag is an objective in Borderlands 2 (Borderlands2).

Place second flag is an objective in the Story Mission, The Vaughnguard in Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith and the Fight For Sanctuary


  • Having cleared the first camp, it is time to head onto the second camp to claim it on behalf of Vaughn.
  • This camp is Cargo Bridge 25.
  • You will quickly encounter a Violent Marauder, Maniac, Goliath, Hellborn Maniacs, Nomad Raider, and some Inferno Midgets.
  • Head to the Eastern side of the camp and then turn to the South, going up the stairs and into the building there.
  • Defeat the Nomad Raiders inside the building.
  • Turn to the North from there and start fighting through the Hellborn Maniacs and more Nomad Raiders.
  • Take the stairs on the right upwards to reach the platform with the Flag Pole.
  • Head to the Northern portion of the area and go over to the Flag Pole.
  • Interact with the Green Silhouette to place the flag.