Borderlands 2 Pre-Load on Steam

Because of the popularity of Borderlands 2 it is expected that the steam servers will have heavy traffic on release day, causing slower downloads since everyone will be trying to download Borderlands 2 at the same time.

Also, the size of the Borderlands 2 Client File is pretty big, 4.6gb, so it is recommended that those with slower internet speeds preload the game now.

A Pre-Load lets you download the files in advance, so that when release date comes, you will only need to unlock the files through Steam and you are ready to go.

As of September 14, 2012, Borderlands 2 is available for Preload on Steam

How to Pre-Load Borderlands 2 on Steam[edit]

To Pre-Load Borderlands 2 so you'll be able to play it the moment it's released, go to your games library and right click on Borderlands 2. Then click on "Pre-Load Info" and in the window that pops up, click on "Start Pre-Load"

If you do not see the Pre-Load options, try restarting Steam.

You may cancel the Pre-Load by pressing the "Cancel Pre-Loading" button and start over later.

Borderlands 2 pre load file size[edit]


Location of Borderlands 2 Preload files on computer[edit]

The Preloaded files are located in this directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\depotcache

Do NOT attempt to alter them in any way, or it will cause problems when you try to unlock the game when it comes out.

Borderlands 2 Steam Pre-Load FAQ[edit]

If I bought through GMG (Green Man Gaming) or other retail location, can I still preload?[edit]

Yes, as long as you have a PC code for the game which you can redeem on Steam, you will be able to pre-load borderlands 2 no matter where you bought it.

Can you play the Borderlands 2 Pre-Load Early?[edit]

No, you will only be able to play the game on release day.

Still, is there any way to play Borderlands 2 early using the Preload?[edit]

Nope. Wait until release day.

Is the Borderlands 2 Pre-Load Hackable?[edit]

No. The files are encrypted, and only Steam can unlock them. You need to wait until the release date, and the game will unlock.

What time will Borderlands 2 unlock for each region?[edit]

In the USA, Borderlands 2 will unlock on midnight Eastern Time.

In Australia, Borderlands 2 will unlock on the 20th at 1PM Eastern Standard Time.

In Europe, Borderlands 2 will unlock on the 21st at 1AM CET.

In Japan, Borderlands 2 will unlock on the 25 Oct

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