Miss Moxxi's Rubi. A rare pistol in Borderlands 2. One of the possible rewards for completing the mission "Rakkaholics Anonymous".

Rakkaholics Annonymous is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Quest Giver[edit]

Mordecai (Crimson Raiders HQ)


Completed Wildlife Preservation


Sanctuary (Mission Start)

The Dust


Pick up kegs o'beer 0/10

Turn in: Mordecai or Moxxi


Time for a Booze Run.

Get Booze for Moredecai

Level 19 (Depends on your level)

Side Mission

Optional: Yes


3527 XP (Depends on your level)

Miss Moxxis Rubi - Rare Blue Pistol (If giving booze in to Moxxi)

Sloth - Rare Blue Sniper Rifle (If giving booze to Mordecai)

You can click on the items in the wiki here or go to the end of the article to see the pictures of each weapon. Examine them carefully and then decide what is better, before turning in the quest.


Progress Updates[edit]

Moxxi and Mordecai argue about the booze[edit]

Moxxi: Morecai plans on sucking down more rakk-ale? Did the same thing after he and I split up, poor kid. Bring me the booze instead and I'll give you my prized revolver, Rubi.

Mordecia: Woahwoahwoah - Moxxi's giving you RUBI if you give her my booze? The friggin' - that bimbo lost Rubi years ago and I found it! She wouldn't even have it if it weren't for me! No no no. Bring ME the booze, and I'll give you one of my old sniper rifles,

Mission Briefing[edit]

Given what happened to Bloodwing, Mordecai wants to get superbly drunk. He has, quite simply, asked you to get him enough booze to knock out a rakk hive. You can steal rakk ale from the booze runners in The Dust.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

You delivered the booze. Huzzah, and stuff!


Drive around The Dust shooting the Rakk Ale barrels carried by the Moonshiner truck. You cannot damage the Moonshiner vehicle per se; as you shoot and hit it, the Moonshiner will lose barrels that fly off into the dust as it tries to flee your attack. The easiest way to accomplish this is to stay on the Moonshiner's tail, ignoring the barrels that fall from the truck until you've counted at least 10 (the total number you need for the mission) become dislodged. Then, after making the truck lose ten barrels, follow their diamond location symbols on your map and drive over each one to collect them. Be aware that during this time, you may still be accosted by bandits in vehicles (Technicals), Buzzards, or by spiders of all sizes.

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

Drive over the barrels to pick them up. You do not have to leave your vehicle.

Turn in Booze to Moxxi or Mordecai[edit]

If you turn in the Beer to Moxxi, you get this reward, a rare pistol called Miss Moxxi's Rubi:


If you turn in the Beer to Mordecai, you get this reward, a Sloth Sniper Rifle such as a Liquid Sloth or this Surgical Sloth: Note; even as the picture below shows a corrosive elemental weapon, it is no guarantee that you won't get another elemental form of the weapon.


So see the rewards above (Rubi and Sloth) and decide if better to give the beer to Mordecai or Moxxi

Rakkaholics Anonymous Glitch - wrong weapon[edit]

There is a bug where after getting the beer, the first person you talk to (Moxxi or Mordecai) is the one whom's weapon you get, even if you end up turning it in to the other NPC. So for example if you talk to Moxxi without turning it in, then go talk to Mordecai and turn it in to him, you will still get Moxxi's Rubi pistol even though you turned it to Mordecai. So be sure to talk ONLY to the NPC that you want the reward from.

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