Reach Hector is an objective in Borderlands 2 (Borderlands2).

Reach Hector is an objective in the Story Mission, Paradise Found in Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith and the Fight For Sanctuary


  • Head through the corridor in front of you and then through the next turn to the left.
  • Inside the room that you reach, you will encounter some Infected Goliath, Sprout, New Pandora Heavy, Infectologist, and a Badass Sniper.
  • Head through the doorway to the East into the next room.
  • This room has you needing to destroy Destroy vines blocking the left and right gears.
  • Once you do that, head to the North to reach the next room.
  • Defeat the pair of Infected Bruisers.
  • After them, head to the North and East through the the corridor and take the stairs up.
  • This next room has Infected Bruisers, and Psychos.
  • As you clear out the room, you will encounter a Badass Bruiser.
  • Take the either side of the stairs upwards when you clear out the Infected.
  • In here, you will arrive in Marcus Munitions.
  • Once in there, head over to the North and make your way out of the store.
  • When you see the vine-blocked door in front of you, go into the nearby door to the left.
  • Go forward to reach the Ammo Vending machine.
  • From there, go to the left and head on up the stairs to the West.
  • Once outside, follow the path to the South to encounter more New Pandora Soldiers: Medics, Recruit, Scout, Snipers, Infectologists, and Heavies.
  • In the plaza, make your way to the South and then over into Moxxxi's.
  • Just head through the building to the South and then turn out to the West into the next section.
  • You will encounter yet more New Pandora Solders on the other side of Moxxxi's.
  • Deal with the few foes and then make your way to the North once more.
  • Drop over the ledge and head into the plaza in front of you, Crimson Square.
  • It is time for a boss fight.