Reach Hyperion Info Stockade

"Reach Hyperion Info Stockade" is an objective in the story mission Data Mining in Borderlands 2


Get into the pipe you burst open in the Boneyard. Run on through it. This leads to a regulation station. Head over to the left and take the ladder on up. Deal with the Hyperion Personel and the loaders. Make your way across the station to find the entrance to the Badlands. Cross over and then continue on forward to reach the Hyperion Info Stockade. This will trigger the next objective.

Part 2[edit]

Take the elevator on up to the top and then mad dash across the bridge (this is especially true if you decided to try to outrun Saturn. However, you need to sprint the whole way into the building. More Loaders will drop. This includes a badass Constructor. Be careful with that one as it can make high level Loaders and send them after you. Deal with them all and head on inside the building.

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