Red Eyed Jack O'Lantern
Red Eyed Jack O'Lantern Locations

Red Eyed Jack O'Lanterns is are a destructible item found in T.K. Baha's Bloody Harvest DLC


These Red Eyed Jack O'Lanterns seem particularly malicious. When broken open, a flame will travel from that location to the Church of the Dead


When all 6 Red Eyed Jack O'Lanterns are broken, then the Church of the Damned will open up. Inside a Random Loot Chest can be found.


Pumpkin 1[edit]

Red Eyed Jack O'Lantern 1

Found just as you are entering Hallowed Hollow. Look to the right of the bridge.

Pumpkin 2[edit]

Red Eyed Jack O'Lantern 2

Head into the Necropolis from Hallowed Hollow. Turn to the south and head through the arch. Continue South until you find the path turning West. Turn and look to the Arch. A little to the West of that you will find this pumpkin.

Pumpkin 3[edit]

Red Eyed Jack O'Lantern 3

Found in the Southern end of the Necropolis. It is in a tree, opposite the second Red Eyed jack O'Lantern. Just snipe it to claim the flame within.

Pumpkin 4[edit]

Red Eyed Jack O'Lantern 4

Head through the gate in the Necropolis toward The Pumpkin Patch. Turn to the right, after the boulders, to find this pumpkin.

Pumpkin 5[edit]

Red Eyed Jack O'Lantern 5

Found by the Church of the Dead. Look along the Western wall closest to Lavashore Village, above the crypts in that area.

Pumpkin 6[edit]

Red Eyed Jack O'Lantern 6

As you are going down the wooden stairs in The Lavabluffs toward Lavashore Village look on the first landing to the right of the stairs ahead of you. You will find the pumpkin sitting right in front of you.

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