Skookum Hawkeye. The red text effect says "Eye certain. Finger Lightning. Aim Death"

"Eye certain. Finger Lightning. Aim Death." is a red text modifier on Sniper Rifles in Borderlands 2

Found on the following red text Sniper Rifle: Hawk Eye, such as the Tl'kope Hawk Eye or the Skookum Hawk Eye, a Seraph Weapon in Hammerlock's Hunt DLC

Grants Weapon Effects[edit]

Extreme Critical Hit Damage

Reduced Normal Weapon Damage

References in popular culture[edit]

This quote is a reference to the 1841 book "Deerslayer: The First Warpath" by James Fenimore Cooper.

The relevant paragraph says:

"That good name for boy - poor name for warrior. He get better quick. No fear there," - the savage had strength sufficient, under the strong excitement he felt, to raise a hand and tap the young man on his breast, - "eye sartain -finger lightning - aim, death - great warrior soon. No Deerslayer - Hawkeye -Hawkeye - Hawkeye. Shake hand."