Win-Win Fibber. The red text effect says "Would I lie to you?" Borderlands 2 Red Text Pistol

"Would I lie to you?" is a red text modifier on weapons in Borderlands 2

Found on the following red text weapon: Win-Win Fibber, (or any other version of the Fibber pistol), a reward for the mission A Real Boy: Human.

Grants Weapon Effects[edit]

Inaccurate stats. (yes the pistol is lying)

Can grant any of the following effects:

shots rebound off floor, splitting into 9, all flying forwards in a tight cluster. Split shots do an extra 50734 (+original 6342) damage. Has small zoom.

Caustic damage (numbers pop off are 800). Massive Critical damage. Bullets are slow arcing projectiles.

Bullets are slow projectiles like gyrojets, and set enemies on fire (fire damage that comes off is 2263)

Massive crit damage (coupled with money shot + The Bee = :O). Fires arcing, slow projectiles

Massive crit damage. Fires arcing, slow projectiles (x2)

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