Sir Gallow as he approaches the group's loot chest.

"Return to Sir Gallow" is a objective in the sidequest Loot Ninja in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC.


Having killed Sir Boil, Sir Mash and Sir Stew with no sing of loot then it is time to head on back to Sir Gallow. You can just drop on down the cliff face. If you look to the right and leap carefully you can make it to a secluded d20 chest.

Once at the bottom of The Pit you can turn to the right and head through the hole in the wall to quickly return to Sir Gallow. Talk with him and he will go over to his chest. It will animate into a Mimic and eat Sir Gallow. just kill it and loot the body for what you can.

Torgue will contact you and tell you to turn in the mission to him.

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