The mission "Savage Lands" begins Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt Campaign Add-On

Savage Lands is the first mission from Sir Hammerlock's Game Hunt DLC in Borderlands 2


In this mission you will meet Sir Hammerlock in Hunter's Grotto, and proceed to start your weekend hunting trip. First though, you need to establish a base of operations in the Hunter's Grotto Lodge. Too bad it is already occupied by Savages. You will have to clear those unwelcome guests out, then restore power to the lodge. Finally, you will have to help Mr. Hammerlock repair the Catch-A-Boat Station so that you can start your hunting adventure.

Mission Type[edit]

Story Mission (DLC3)


Requires Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt DLC

Recommended Level to start DLC[edit]

Level 30. It is also a good idea to have finished the main campaign, as the Hammerlock's Hunt DLC has some main-story related spoilers.

How to start[edit]

Fast travel to the new DLC zone, Hunter's Grotto, in Aegrus.



Hunter's Grotto

Hammerlock's Camp

The Aegrus Sophisticates' Lodge


Find and talk to Hammerlock

Travel to lodge

Defeat savages in lodge

Turn on lodge power

Protect Sir Hammerlock

Wait for repairs to complete

Turn in: Sir Hammerlock


Welcome to Aegrus.


Money and XP


Savage Triggerman

Savage Warrior

Burning Witch Doctor

Crippling Witch Doctor

Skilled Warrior

Skilled Triggerman

Bloodthirsty Triggerman

Shock Witch Doctor

Slag Witch Doctor

Savage Hunter

Wetland Drifter

Mission Briefing[edit]

I'm nearby - come find me and we'll fight our way to the lodge together! Then, it'll be nothing but a carefree weekend of hunting, companionship, and bawdy jokes about social taboos.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Now kill some stuff!


First, find Sir Hammerlock in Hammerlock's Camp. Go with him to the Lodge and kill the Savages there. Turn on the lodge's power by activating a switch on the Fuse Box. Then, guard Sir Hammerlock as he is repairing the Catch-A-Boat Station. When he is done with the repairs, talk to him to turn in the mission.

Next Mission[edit]

Professor Nakayama, I Presume?

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