In the mission "Poetic License", you help Scooter get inspiration to write this poem to his love, Daisy, in Borderlands 2

This is Scooter's poem for Daisy.

You help him get the inspiration for writing this poem in the side mission Poetic License

Poem Inspirations[edit]

Bandit Spoonin' with a Robot

A Lone Flower Surrounded by Blood n' Stuff

Bandit Hung From His Own Tombstone

Poem Words[edit]

Daisy, I like you a whole lot

More than that bandit liked spoonin' that ro-bot

You are a diamond in the rough

or a flower surrounded by shrapnel and stuff

I will hang myself from my own tombstone

If within you, I cannot put my bone.

To Daisy: From Scooter:

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