The Seraph shop in Oasis in Borderlands 2


Seraph Crystals were introduced in the Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty DLC. They are a special form of currency, similar idea to the Eridium, and can be exchange for all sort of weapons and items of Seraph (light pink) rarity.


The Seraph Merchant in Borderlands 2 was added in the Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty DLC

Seraph Store Location[edit]

The Seraph Crystal Vendor is located in the Town of Oasis behind a door similar to Crazy Earl's Black Market. You can also find the Vendor at Hunter's Grotto

You can exchange Seraph Crystal for Gear of Seraph Rarity.

How to get Seraph Crystals[edit]

Kill Master Gee and Hyperius the Invincible (Raid Bosses) for Seraph Crystals. Those are the "Seraph Guardians"

You can get up to 15 Seraph Crystals each time you kill them

Cost of Seraph Weapons[edit]

Each Seraph Weapon costs 120 Seraph Crystals

Seraph Relics cost 50 Seraph Crystals

Example of Seraph Market Inventory[edit]

Intense Devastator (Seraph Pistol)

Red Text Effect: Hail


Proactive Actualizer (Seraph SMG)

Red Text Effect: We need to talk about your DPS report


gaa dunk ga Ahab (Seraph Rocket Launcer)

Red Text Effect: for hate's sake


Gentle Retcher (Seraph Shotgun)

Red Text: Ewww


Deep Seraphim (Seraph Assault Rifle)

Red Text: Holy? Holy? Holey!