The Skeleton Swordsman is one of the Skeletons in DLC4

Skeletons are an enemy type in Borderlands 2. They were introduced in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC

Tiny Tina, as the Bunker Master in a Game of Bunkers and Badasses, refers to these enemies as Skellymens



Melee Class


Sniper Class


Elemental Attacks



Fiery Skeleton

Flaming Skeleton

Fiery Skull

Flaming Skull

Skeleton Archer

Deadeye Skeleton Archer

Spectral Skeleton Archer

Conjured Skeleton Archer

Master Skeleton Archer

Damned Skeleton

Condemned Skeleton

Skeleton Mage

Skeleton Conjuror

Skeleton Swordsman

Skeleton Warrior

Skeleton Gladiator

Skeleton Midget

Skeleton Halfling

Lil' Skeleton

Skeleton Giant

Towering Skeleton

Hulking Skeleton

Ironclad Skeleton

Animated Skeleton

Reanimated Skeleton

Enchanted Skeleton Archer

Immortal Skeletaur

Relentless Skeletaur

Eternal Skeletaur

Armored Skeleton

Skeleton Seer

Crystal Skeleton

Fractured Skeleton

Badass Skeleton

Super Badass Skeleton

Ultimate Badass Skeleton

Named Skeletons[edit]

Mister Boney Pants Guy


Unassuming Docks

Flamerock Refuge

The Temple of Unwarranted Self Importance

Sandbar of Infrequent Walks

Hamlet of Swift Passing Through

Perception Overlook

Fields of the Fallen

Unrelatively Unvisited Shoreline

The Temple of Unwarranted Self Importance

Vitality Grove

The Immortal Woods


A Role-Playing Game

Strategy Guide[edit]

Skeletons are resistant to fire

When dealing with an Immortal Skeletaur or Eternal Skeletaur, be sure to pull the Magical Sword out of their back right after you down them, otherwise they will reanimate as a higher level foe.