Slick Law is a rare pistol in Borderlands 2

Slick Law is a blue unique Pistol in Borderlands 2

You get it from the Sheriff of Lynchwood or by completing Won't Get Fooled Again.

Stats for sample level 50 Slick Law Gun below. You could get a different Law Gun based on your level. There are also different variations such as the Leather Law, Fast Law, and Filled Law.

Main Attributes[edit]

Rarity: Blue (Rare)

Type: Pistol

Level Requirement: 50

Manufacturer: Jakobs

Value: $20,639

Weapon Stats[edit]

Damage: 13804

Accuracy: 96.8

Fire Rate: 16.7

Reload Speed: 2.1

Magazine Size: 8

Status Effects and Other Bonuses[edit]

"De Da." (red text effect)

+100% Melee Damage

Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger

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