Ancient Dwarven Puzzle

"Solve ancient dwarven puzzle" is a mission objective in the quest Dwarven Allies in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC


To solve the Ancient Dwarven Puzzle, you must first activate it by turning all six crystal wheels. Once the puzzle is pulled down, a blue beam will shoot from each crystal, one at a time, mixing the cube around. Record which order they go in and when finished, reverse that order. or instead you can just hit the damn thing and there ya go poof puzzle solved this is after you bring the puzzle down.

If you fail to solve the puzzle the first time, it will damage you a bit. After that you will be given the optional objective to punch the puzzle


Fail to Solve the Dwarven Puzzle:

Brick: "Man, I hate puzzles. I wanna break stuff."

Succeed in solving the Puzzle:

Tina: "Oh no, you solved my devious puzzle. Nice"

Mr. Torque: "You guys are as smart as ****."

Tina: "That's the letter 'F'. Only one letter left."

Greedtooth: "I've got the last letter, moppet! And with the Sorcerer's power coursing through my veins, you'll never get it!"

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