Go to the Marcus's Mercenary Shop to start the first mission in DLC7

"Special Delivery" is the second mission in How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day from Smaller-than-average Timothy.

Mission Type[edit]

Story Mission (DLC7)


Requires completion of Get Frosty

Mission Briefing[edit]

A special delivery for a very special little boy

How to start[edit]

Talk to Smaller-than-average Timothy in Gingerton


Marcus's Mercenary Shop

Optional Objective[edit]

Once the quest is started, you can fight His Abominableness Sir Tinder Snowflake Esquire by going to On Frozen Pond


Grab presents

Deliver Presents 0/4

Destroy blue present toys

Destroy orange present toys

Destroy red present toys

Destroy purple present toys


Money and Experience

Mission Debriefing[edit]

You're like a badass Santa.

Next Mission[edit]

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