The Thermogenic Morningstar is a rare talking weapon in Borderlands 2

Talking guns are weapons that talk.

For example:

Thermogenic Morningstar (Reward for Hyperion Contract #873)

Amplified Bane (The Bane)

Critical Shotgun 1340 (Out of Body Experience)

Some think the talking guns are funny.



"If you were a better shot you wouldn't need to reload"

"There are children on Promethea who can't afford ammo, you know"

"Most serial killers thought they were good people, too"

"Wonderful shot. Murderer"

"You can't ignore me"

"You wait 'till I tell your father"

"They have feelings too, you know."

"You're wasting ammo"

"By not donating to charity you indirectly murder thousands of people every day"

"That was murder, by most definitions"

"Maybe they were just having a bad day"

"You don't exercise as often as you should... fatty"

The Bane[edit]







Shotgun 1340[edit]


"Let's see what we can see."

"Switch 'em out!"


"Yeah, more bullets!"






"I spy with my little eye"

"Crosshairs, baby!"

"More ammo! Woo!


"Why'd we stop shooting?"

"Swappin' weapons?"

"Good decision!"

"Zooooom in!"

"How about a closer look?"