You will get access to this rare red Dahl treasure chest in the mission "The Last Treasure" in Borderlands 2

The Lost Treasure is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Quest Start[edit]

ECHO Recorder in Sawtooth Cauldron

Go to Sawtooth Stilts in the Northeast corner of the map and go up a narrow path, find the recorder in a box with a yellow exclamation mark on top


Where Angels Fear to Tread


Sawtooth Cauldron (Mission Start)

Caustic Caverns


Kill bandits to find four clues

Follow Clues

Under the acid-soaked railway

In the warehouse on the shore

In the digger's shadow

Within Dahl's bloody sixth

Access top floor of facility

find treasure

Turn in: The Lost Treasure


Ooh! A Treasure Map!

Level 28

Side Mission

Optional Mission



6126 XP

E-Tech Pistol (Pink): Dahlminator

Red treasure chest loot


Progress Updates[edit]

Now that you've found the missing pieces of the treasure map, you can follow the clues and find the treasure in Caustic Caverns

Mission Briefing[edit]

You found part of a treasure map. There is only one thing to do: start killing bandits until you find the other parts of the map, then assemble it and find the treasure. Admittedly, that was three things. But you get the idea.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

You found the buried treasure! Go you


Kill lots of enemies in Sawtooth Cauldron until you get all 4 clues.

Go to Caustic Caverns and now you have to flip four switches, one for each clue.

see map and screenshot for each switch

Acid-soaked railway switch location[edit]

Oozing Discharge

Acidicrailwaymapbl2.jpg Undertheacidsoakedrailwaybl2,jpg.jpeg

Warehouse Switch Location[edit]

Infested Warehouse

Bl2mapwarehouseswitch.jpg Bl2warehouseswitch.jpg

Digger's Shadow Switch Location[edit]

Abandoned Mining Site

Diggersshadowmapbl2.jpg Diggershadowswitchbl2.jpg

Dahl's bloody sixth switch location[edit]

Dahl Deep Core D6

Dahlbloodysixthmapbl2.jpg Bloodysixthswitchbl2losttreasure.jpg

Caustic Caverns Elevator Location[edit]

Center of Map. Use Lever to make lift go up.


Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

Switches can be pulled in any order

How to access top of facility[edit]

Use elevator. See above for map of the location of elevator.

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