Borderlands 2: The Lost Treasure

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You will get access to this rare red Dahl treasure chest in the mission "The Last Treasure" in Borderlands 2

The Lost Treasure is a side mission in Borderlands 2


[edit] Quest Start

ECHO Recorder in Sawtooth Cauldron

Go to Sawtooth Stilts in the Northeast corner of the map and go up a narrow path, find the recorder in a box with a yellow exclamation mark on top

[edit] Prerequisites

Where Angels Fear to Tread

[edit] Locations

Sawtooth Cauldron (Mission Start)

Caustic Caverns

[edit] Objectives

Kill bandits to find four clues

Follow Clues

Under the acid-soaked railway

In the warehouse on the shore

In the digger's shadow

Within Dahl's bloody sixth

Access top floor of facility

find treasure

Turn in: The Lost Treasure

[edit] Description

Ooh! A Treasure Map!

Level 28

Side Mission

Optional Mission

[edit] Rewards


6126 XP

E-Tech Pistol (Pink): Dahlminator

Red treasure chest loot

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Progress Updates

Now that you've found the missing pieces of the treasure map, you can follow the clues and find the treasure in Caustic Caverns

[edit] Mission Briefing

You found part of a treasure map. There is only one thing to do: start killing bandits until you find the other parts of the map, then assemble it and find the treasure. Admittedly, that was three things. But you get the idea.

[edit] Mission Debriefing

You found the buried treasure! Go you

[edit] Walkthrough

Kill lots of enemies in Sawtooth Cauldron until you get all 4 clues.

Go to Caustic Caverns and now you have to flip four switches, one for each clue.

see map and screenshot for each switch

[edit] Acid-soaked railway switch location

Oozing Discharge

Acidicrailwaymapbl2.jpg Undertheacidsoakedrailwaybl2,jpg.jpeg

[edit] Warehouse Switch Location

Infested Warehouse

Bl2mapwarehouseswitch.jpg Bl2warehouseswitch.jpg

[edit] Digger's Shadow Switch Location

Abandoned Mining Site

Diggersshadowmapbl2.jpg Diggershadowswitchbl2.jpg

[edit] Dahl's bloody sixth switch location

Dahl Deep Core D6

Dahlbloodysixthmapbl2.jpg Bloodysixthswitchbl2losttreasure.jpg

[edit] Caustic Caverns Elevator Location

Center of Map. Use Lever to make lift go up.


[edit] Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats

Switches can be pulled in any order

[edit] How to access top of facility

Use elevator. See above for map of the location of elevator.

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