The Magic of Childhood side quest in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

"The Magic of Childhood" is a sidequest from Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC in Borderlands 2

Mission Type[edit]

Optional Side Mission (DLC4)

How to start[edit]

Having cleared the Magical Slaughter Rounds 1-5 you will gain access to Magic Slaughter: Badass Round and this quest. Accept it from Murderlin


Murderlin's Temple


Approach Murderlin's son

Defend the Tower

Complete Waves 0/5

Turn in: Murderlin


12 Eridium, XP


Mercenary. Vault Hunter. Babysitter.

You might wanna bring friends.


Protect Murderlin's son.

Like Father, like gelatinous cube


Murderlin: "You have survived several waves of my slaughter, but can you survive the dangers of ... BABYSITTING MY SON?! Mwahahaha! He awaits you in my SECRET CHAMBER! GO TO HIM!"

Enter the Nursery

Murderlin: "Be warned, adventurer -- my son is BUTT UGLY! For this reason, some may wish to cause him harm! YOUUUU must protect him!"

Talk with Murderlin's Son

Son: "JOY! A new babysitter! I love you!"

Orc: "The freak's got a new sitter? Let's WRECK 'EM!"

Murderlin: "They only hate him because he's DIFFERENT! ACTIVATE THE TOWER OF PROTECTION!"

Son: "We're going very high! It's like a roller coaster! This is the best day EVER!"

Murderlin: "Those fiends shall attempt to destroy my son's tower! YOUUUU must stop them!"

As you close on the end of Wave 1

Murderlin: "A bomb! Look SHARP!"

As you approach the end of Wave 2:

Son: "Ooh, they've got a bomb! I wish to PLAY with it, Daddy!

As you near the end of Wave 5:

Son: "bomb! BOOOOMB!"

Complete wave 5:

Son: "Yay, you saved me! Your love is a SUITABLE REPLACEMENT for my father's!"

Turn in:

Murderlin: Adventurer, your skills are RIDONKULOUS!"

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