In "The Name Game", Sir Hammerlock has you examining these Bullymong Piles in order to come up for a better name for the species.

The Name Game is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Quest Giver[edit]

Sir Hammerlock (Moxxxis)


The Road to Sanctuary



Three Horns Divide


Search Bullymong Piles 0/5

Optional: Hunt down Bullymongs 0/15

Kill Primal Beast with grenade

Shoot Ferovore projectiles 0/3

Kill more Bonerfarts 0/5

Turn in: Sir Hammerlock


"Bullymong" sounds kind of silly - Hammerlock needs you to help him come up with something that sounds cooler.

Help Sir Hammerlock rename the Bullymongs

Level 8

Difficulty: Normal

Side Mission

Optional Mission


$111 - $222

791 XP

Green (Uncommon) Shield or Shotgun


Adult Bullymong


Brat Bullymong

Bullymong Slinger

Progress Updates[edit]

"Hrm - it seems Bullymongs use those mounds to dispose of their refuse. That suggests a primate-level intelligence - that's it! I shall call them 'Primal Beasts'! I'll run it by my publishers. In the meantime, blow up some Primal Beasts with grenades, would you? See how the new name works for you" (After finishing examining the five Bullymong piles)

"Argh! My publishers despise 'Primal Beast'. Bloody uncultured. alright, what about Ferovores? They're the most ferocious creatures I've ever seen. And I say that having watched a thresher rip my arm from its socket. Repressed memories, ho! Anyway, take the new name for a spin - shoot some of the Ferovore's projectiles out of the air, see how that name thrills you." (After killing primal beast with grenade)

"Bloody balls! 'Ferovore' is trademarked! ARGH! Sod it! I'm so sick of coming up with names for - you know what? 'Bonerfart'. All of the - that's right, we're calling them 'Bonerfarts' now. Just kill a few of them or something. I do not care anymore." (after shooting the Ferovore projectiles)

"My publisher says I can't call them 'Bonerfarts'. Maybe Bullymong's not so bad, after all. come on back" (towards the end of the mission)

Mission Briefing[edit]

Sir Hammerlock isn't happy with the name "Bullymong" and would like you to help him come up with a better name for the species before he publishes his almanac of Pandora's wildlife. He's asked you to head to Three Horns Divide and examine the Bullymongs (using violence, of course) so he may study them and come up with a better name.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Hammerlock assumes he will come up with a better name by his almanac's shipping date. He is incorrect.


Exit Sanctuary towards the Three Horns Divide, and get a light runner vehicle from the Catch-A-Ride Station. Drive through Snowbound Crossroads towards the waypoints marked on your minimap. You can use your vehicle's machine gun to shoot any Bullymongs in the area, then exit the vehicle to examine any Bullymong Piles you find before proceeding to the next Bullymong zone.

Next you will have to kill a Bullymong using a grenade

Next, you will have to shoot the Bullymongs' projectiles in the air. For this, find Bullymongs that hurl big rocks at you such as Adult Bullymongs, and shoot those stones in the air.

Finally, kill 5 more Bullymongs

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

You don't have to hunt Bullymongs in the Three Horns Divide. You can hunt them in any other area in which they spawn, for example Southern Shelf

Running over the Bullymongs with your vehicle does not advance the bonus objective, however you can use the vehicle's guns.

In the grenade stage, find a group of Bullymongs. First weaken them and only then throw the grenade, to make sure the grenade will kill them.

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