Stop Hellquist from spreading his lies about you in the mission "This Just In" in Borderlands 2

This Just In is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Quest Giver[edit]

Mordecai (Crimson Raiders HQ)


Completed Toil and Trouble


Sanctuary (Mission Start)

Arid Nexus Boneyard

Hyperion Truth Network


Find Radio Station

Silence Hunter Hellquist

Turn in: Mordecai


Truth is relative. Headshots aren't

Silence Hunter Hellquist of Hyperion Truth Broadcasting

Level 29

Side Mission

Optional Mission


6983 XP

4 Eridium


Hunter Hellquist

ION Loader

SGT Loader

Progress Updates and Quotes[edit]

"You been listening to those Hyperion newscasts that say you've been killing kids and kicking puppies? I found the guy who is recording them. He is in the Arid Nexus. Pay him a visit and set the record straight." (Mordecai)

"This just in, Pandora. The bandit scum who killed Jack's Daughter has just set the Old Haven Orphanage ablaze. and..." (Radio Broadcast)

"It's YOU! Die, Bandit Scum!" (Hunter Hellquist)

Mission Briefing[edit]

Since your arrival on Pandora, Hunter Hellquist of Hyperion Truth Broadcasting has been spreading lies about your exploits. Mordecai has tracked down the source of those broadcasts and asked you to silence them for good.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

With Hunter Hellquist Dead, people aren't at risk of thinking you're a terrible, scary, baby-eating monster. Unless you're the Gunzerker, he still makes people uncomfortable.


Head to the Arid Nexus Boneyard, either by fast traveling from Sanctuary, or by going through the Eridium Blight and taking the southeast exit.

You can spawn a Light Runner from the Catch-A-Ride Station there, though it isn't necessary since your destination is nearby. then head to your waypoint.

Pull the switches to ride the elevator to the top floor.

Kill Hunter Hellquist. He will request reinforcements, and some ION Loaders can appear. Deal with them after you have killed Hellquist, who tries to escape.

There are a couple of ECHO Recorders inside the recording studio where Hellquist was. Feel free to listen to it for some lore.

Return to Mordecai in Sanctuary to turn this in and get some Eridium.

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

The Eridium can be used in the Black Market

Hunter Hellquist Challenge - Dead Air[edit]

Before killing Hunter Hellquist, approach him from behind and turn off the radio he is carrying on his back.

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