A Slot Machine in Moxxxis in Borderlands 2

The Torgue Slot Machines are a minigame in Borderlands 2

These slots take Torgue Tokens instead of regular money.

Torgue Jackpot Slot Machine Location[edit]

Badass Crater Bar (Badass Crater of Badassitude)

How much does it cost to spin the Torgue slot machine?[edit]

5 Torgue Tokens


Your winnings depend on the combinations you get.

Prizes can range from Torgue Tokens, to green (uncommon) guns, blue (rare) guns, orange (legendary) guns, Eridium and more

Torgue Slots Winning Combinations Loot Table[edit]

Three different symbols (no match) - Nothing

Two of the same symbols - You get some Torgue Tokens

Three Cherries - Uncommon (Green) weapon

Three legs - rare (blue) weapon

Three stacks of three Iridium bars - 30+ tokens

Three Iridium Bars - 10 tokens


Three Borderlands Symbols (Orange item?)

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